That’s what I’m always doing around here. And I’m so happy you’re along for the ride.

I’m Kimberly—a designer, illustrator, budding teacher, and a ball of chaotic, creative energy. For the past 17 years, I’ve harnessed this energy to design a career that allows me to do all the things I enjoy—illustration, lettering, and pattern design among many more things.

I firmly believe we’re all creative creatures at heart, and this site is a celebration of all that creativity and where it can lead us!

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the stash

I’ve always been fueled by creativity and driven to make beautiful things. Now they’re available for you to use to make your own wonderful creations!

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Work with Me

Custom Design

Looking for custom design work?

I delight in simple design made personal through meaningful flourishes like hand lettering, custom illustrations, and animation designed to attract your ideal audience to YOU.

Design Membership

I offer two memberships. Creative Seeds incorporates Canva templates and coaching to help small business owners use their creative skills for their biz. Creative Stash is a licensing membership offering access to patterns, digital illustrations, fonts, etc. to use in personal projects or for product creation.

Design Templates

Snag my customizable Canva templates for your business.

These templates feature custom illustrations, hand-drawn patterns, and hand-lettered design elements for a unique brand design that will help you stand out in the crowd.

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the work

From t-shirts to tote bags and lettered posts to a cute wallpaper this is a collection of some of my favorite work featuring my fun hand-drawn patterns and illustrations.

Hand Lettered Sign that reads The Ability to Simplify means to Eliminate the Unnecessary so that the Necessary may speak by Hans Hoffman on Dark Blue Painterly Background
Image that reads I have Arrived in purple and peach hand lettering over an abstract pink shape