Want to have a sticker sheet designed & ready by December?

Of course you do! Because then you can spend your time selling it!

I don’t know about you, but I find it SUPER difficult to stay on top of all of my to-dos and having a goal in mind really helps with that.

That’s why at the Creative Lab, we’re setting a goal to design a sticker sheet by the end of December. This way, we all work together and actually get that design done!

Sticker sheets are perfect for Valentine’s Day. 

They can be used digitally & printed and they can be used as a product in your shop, or for personal use.

Even if you’re not into Valentine’s Day, anyone can appreciate a cute sticker!

Although we don’t have to just do sticker sheets, you can use this time to work on Valentine/Love/Friendship designs for your shop or to just send out to your family and friends.


How does it work?

Super simple! We’ll spend 2 weeks together from November 29th – December 13th working on a sticker sheet design. Our goal is to have one designed by the end of the 2 weeks! Bonus points if you have it listed in your shop by the end of December, ready to sell for Valentine’s Day.

Our Sponsor

We have also partnered with Stickerbeat to make sure there are no barriers if you want to get your sticker sheet printed!

Stickerbeat prints super high quality stickers, decals, and magnets of all shapes and sizes. They have been in the decal business for over 30 years and their goal is to get your stickers out the door within 3 business days!

They are giving us a 20% off coupon site wide so we can get sticker sheets and all sorts of stickers printed up!

Plus, if you create a product and submit it to my Spark-It-Place, you will be entered to win a $75 gift card to their store! What’s not to love about $75 to spend on stickers?!

What you’ll get…

This challenge is FREE for all Creative Lab members and they also get to work on this for an extra two weeks, but I’m opening it up to non-members for $15!

Because I like to remove the barrier to creation, as part of the challenge you get:

  • Two weeks inside our Challenge Space in the Creative Lab with Live Sessions to talk about how to design your card & mock it up
  • Sticker Sheet Template
  • Mini Art Kit to help you with Design (Valentine/Love/Friendship theme)
  • Opportunities for Review of Your Design
  • Sticker Sheet Mock Up Template

We’ll kick off on November 29th and work throughout the 2 weeks with opportunities to get my eyes on your designs.

By the end, you’ll have a sticker sheet file that you can put in your shop digitally or send to print with our sponsor Sticker Beat, as well as a mock up to show it off.