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Spring Clip Art

A delightful collection of commercial-use digital art for your next product design or project

Find Your People

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Hey! I’m Kimberly Costa—a designer, illustrator, budding teacher, and chaotic creative.

I began my career as an animator, but quickly found my creative passion wasn’t limited to a single outlet. I began focusing energy on everything I could get my hands on: graphic design, branding, web design, illustration, lettering, pattern design, and so much more. Creativity is limitless, and I came to realize that all you need to do is allow yourself the freedom to follow whatever sparks your interest.  

The Creative Lab came to life because I think all creatives deserve a place that fuels their creative exploration. In order to do this, I remove all barriers of creation by offering my art to ensure that members are able to begin creating and selling products instantly and confidently.

I firmly believe that we are all creative creatures at heart, and that we just need the right tools, a little support & encouragement, and inspiration to turn our “creative spark” into something bigger. 

On days I’m not working, I love to spend time with my husband and two boys, likely building lego sets! Recently, I’ve discovered a passion for crocheting, which I love to do at night while snuggled up with my puppy.

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