Product Design Bundle


Elevate your digital product creation with the Product Design Bundle!

This all-in-one package includes the Product Design Planner to help you plan, design, and list products efficiently, a Digital Product Mock Up Kit with Canva templates to create stunning listing images, a Product Listing Database for organized management, a Holiday Design Pack with 824 high-quality graphics for various holidays, and a Printable Template Pack with 68+ templates for everything from door hangers to greeting cards.

These products sell individually for a total of $159, but you can get 25% off with this bundle!

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this bundle has everything you need to create, showcase, and sell your products seamlessly and transform your creative process into a streamlined, professional workflow!

Product Design Planner ($17)

The Product Design Planner can help you plan, design, and list your products all in one place. Keep track of ideas during the planning phase, break down tasks so you can get designs finished, and have a handy to-do list so you can list your products faster all while following the amazing Production Schedule that will help you stay on track! My Production Schedule is THE best part of this planner!

Digital Product Mock Up Kit ($37)

Now that you’re done with your amazing digital product you need to show it to the world and there’s no quicker way to do it than with this easy-to-use drag and drop Canva Template. Simply drop your designs into these beautiful templates, change the colors & fonts to match your branding and boom! You’ve got yourself some pretty slick listing images that’ll stop the scroll and get eyes on your wonderful digital products!

Canva template with 20 editable mock ups including:

  • Digital Product Mock Ups on computer
  • Digital Product Mock Ups on tablet
  • Mock ups for Featured Highlights
  • Mock up to Highlight Creator
  • Mock ups for Calls to Action

Product Listing Database ($9)

The Product Listing Database template is a comprehensive and versatile tool designed to help you organize, track, and manage your product listings effectively. Whether you’re running an e-commerce store, managing a catalog of products, or simply need a centralized system to keep track of your inventory, this template provides a flexible and user-friendly solution.

Key Features:

  • Product Information Management
  • Image Gallery
  • Categorization and Keywords
  • Customizable Views
  • Collaboration and Sharing

Holiday Design Pack ($59)

Create confidently with high quality vector graphics and designs, patterns, and lettering that are all part of the same collection, so they’re sure to work together seamlessly.

With a Commercial and PLR license, you can create and sell your products without the confusion of a complicated license. All in, this design pack includes designs for Halloween, Thanksgiving/Fall, Christmas, and Hanukkah.

Each holiday includes Illustrations, Digital Papers, Lettering, and Pattern Tiles. All files are provided as SVGs and PNGs.

Total pack includes 824 files:

  • Illustration SVGs: 306 files
  • Illustration PNGs: 306 files
  • Digital Paper SVGs: 35 files
  • Digital Paper PNGs: 35 Files
  • Lettering SVGs: 36 files
  • Lettering PNGs: 36 files
  • Pattern Tiles SVGs: 35 files
  • Pattern Tiles PNGs: 35 files

Printable Template Pack ($37)

Create your digital products confidently with high quality templates available for Canva AND Illustrator so you can work where you’re most comfortable.

Simply drop your designs in and prepare your final file for delivery.

With a simple Commercial license, you can create products that you can sell with peace of mind.

All in, this template pack includes 68+ template files.

Most template files include an outlined and solid color option to accommodate your designs. Canva options also include a place holder image option so you can simply drop your design in.

Product Templates Included in the Printable Template Pack:

  • Rectangular Door Hangers sheet
  • 1.5″ diameter label sheet
  • 2.25″ diameter label sheet
  • Rounded Door hanger
  • A7 Portrait Greeting Card
  • A7 Landscape Greeting Card
  • A2 Portrait Greeting Card
  • A2 Landscape Greeting Card
  • 4 Gift Tag Sheet
  • Round Gift Tag Sheet
  • 8×10 full page calendar
  • 8×10 Print
  • 5×7 Landscape Postcard Page
  • 4×6 Landscape Postcard Page
  • Bookmark Sheet
  • 3.5″ x 8.5″ Notepad
  • 4.5″ x 5.5″ Notepad
  • 5.5″ x 8.5″ Notepad

All templates available as EPS, AI, and Canva Files.