Spark Pass April 2022


Get creative with the original workshops seen at our very first Creative Spark Summit!

27 Workshops include:

  • Creating Professionally Handcrafted Greeting Cards by Brandi Mahon
  • Creating an Illustrated + Hand Lettered Art Print in Procreate by Mandy Ford
  • Design Your Own Digital Notebook with Apple Keynote by Michelle Rohr
  • Creative Journaling Practices for Real Self Care by Shawna Clingerman
  • How to Create an Impressive 3D Letter by Natalie Avalos
  • Developing an Intuitive Painting Process by Lisa Henshall
  • Tools to Tap Into Your Creativity to Increase Your Flow and Focus by Nikita Williams
  • How to Illustrate & Design a Seamless Pattern in Procreate by Cláudia Orengo
  • Creating Cohesive Sticker Collections by Dani Schnakenburg
  • How To Create Coloring Planners by Faith Lee
  • Using Your Art to Create Journals & More with Amazon KDP by Allie Trumpower
  • Abstract Florals for Fun and Creative Exploration by Jennie Whitaker
  • Creating Your Own Journal in Canva by Julie Hall
  • Creating a Journaling Practice to unlock your Creativity by Amber Slocum
  • How to Illustrate Florals in Six Simple Steps by Nanditha Vijayan
  • Playing in Adobe Illustrator by Nicola Walker
  • Mindful Doodles: Untangle Your Creativity by Roxanne Glaser
    and many more!Please note: this purchase includes ONLY the presentations, not the previous pass bonuses.